A Difficult Mind

A Difficult Mind

Of Borderlines, by Borderlines and for everyone. Interviews and news on Borderline Personality Disorder and broader mental health issues.

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    A Difficult Mind - What is the Power Threat Meaning Framework?

    Keith Gottschalk and co-host Alyssa Cypher discuss what the new Power Threat Meaning Framework could mean to Psychiatry and the way it looks at people - a move away from drug based therapy toward a more holistic approach - a revolution in how we look at Mad people.

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    A Difficult Mind interview w/Alyssa Cypher

    Alyssa Cypher and I discuss her Pittsburgh based group 'Inside our Minds:' how and why it was formed and what it has accomplished. We also discuss the mental health model and the Mad Pride' movement as well as the stigma kids face in school for being 'different' in the rush for safety after shooting incidents such as the one in Santa Fe, Texas

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    How I Got PTSD

    In this episode, I get very personal and somewhat emotional with you as I discuss the SWAT raid on my house which gave me my PTSD (although I already had it from childhood, but that's another story). The whole episode started out as a misunderstanding at work. You may not believe it, but it happened.

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    Manning Up or man down?

    It's Mental Health Awareness Month and I talk about a 'Men's Health' magazine story about how the strong and silent shtick is killing men. Also, you may be able to go to your shrink and ask for some Molly (ecstasy) for PTSD. That and the usual musical interludes.

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    Your Lamotrigine is Useless; Will Chatbots Replace Shrinks?

    I'll be taking about the latest news - lamotrigine is no better than a placebo (sucks to be me - I'm on it) and a chatbot with AI that might someday take the place of your therapist - and more, with the usual musical interludes.

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    A Difficult Mind Interview with Alex

    OK, still a little rough on the production side - been a while since mixing from a board. Interview with Alex who has BPD and wrote a piece on her condition at Medium.com. Show elements: This Week in Mental Health and Personal File

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    The Introduction

    A very rough and somewhat unpolished introduction to my podcast.