A Difficult Mind

A Difficult Mind

Of Borderlines, by Borderlines and for everyone. Interviews and news on Borderline Personality Disorder and broader mental health issues.

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    I'm sorry but I'm weaning off Ativan

    Try not to drink on an empty stomach. Anyway - simulcast with You Tube channel. Revamping You Tube channel to make it less boring AND in case you ever wondered what it feels like to wean off a Benzo - I'll tell you because I'm doing it!

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    Alternatives to 'Reovery'

    Keith Gottschalk talks about the aftermath of the Alternatives 2018 conference in Washington and explores the question: 'what is this thing called recovery?'

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    Anger and Everything After - BPD Rage and Arrested Development

    Keith alone today (Alyssa was camping - lucky her!) Alternatives 2018 conference - why is it important - the role current politics and society play in developing 'mental disorders.' A discussion on the mystery of arrested development in BPD and how and why it happens. This is a 'hot' podcast ep as I pretty much let loose with a lot of emotionally charged and pointy dialog.

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    A Difficult Mind - Alternatives 2018

    Alyssa Cypher and Keith Gottschalk talk about the Alternatives 2018 conference to be held the week of July 29 in Washington DC and it's importance to not only the Mad Pride Movement but to all manner of mental peer counseling and anti-stigma movements around the country.

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    A Difficult Mind - Getting to Know Us

    Trigger Warning for childhood abuse, abusive imagery. Keith and Alyssa, well, we really haven't given our listeners a proper introduction so we remedy that in this podcast.

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    A Difficult Mind - Suicide Issues, the killing on Antwon Rose Jr

    Alyssa Cypher and Keith Gottschalk discuss the national response to the high profile suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain and look at the issues of mental health surrounding the local police shooting of 17-year-old Antwon Rose Jr.

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    A Difficult MInd - NYC Redux, Suicide, Hurt Feet and Border Rant

    In which Keith has a bad day where he overmedicates but feels the need to continue a podcast where he talks about New York, suicide and punishing children. No, this not about Sid Vicious but I went by the Chelsea Hotel.

    Anyway, take it for what it's worth - it's freeform, no break stream of conscientiousness. Alyssa will be back for next week to keep me on the straight and narrow. Well, as much as possible.

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    A Difficult Mind - What is the Power Threat Meaning Framework?

    Keith Gottschalk and co-host Alyssa Cypher discuss what the new Power Threat Meaning Framework could mean to Psychiatry and the way it looks at people - a move away from drug based therapy toward a more holistic approach - a revolution in how we look at Mad people.

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